Information relating to the TC2M Broadband HF Antenna and associated Intellectual Property Rights


Terminated Coaxial Cage Monopole - © Martin Ehrenfried (G8JNJ)



With the evolution of modern High Frequency (HF) radio equipment and the increasing use of digital communication techniques, there is a requirement for an efficient, broadband antenna, which is capable of instantaneous operation over a very wide frequency range. This may be desirable in order to maximise the availability of a communication path between locations, or it could be to improve the security of a communication, by using techniques such as frequency hopping or spread spectrum.


The TC2M antenna is a very cost effective design which can be implemented in various formats. The ease of setup, convenience of operation & simple maintenance may also be important factors in Commercial or Military applications.

The design which is protected by patent GB2485812, was first published in RadCom © May-June 2014 RSGB and subsequently awarded the RSGB 2015 Bennett Prize in recognition of a 'Significant contribution or innovation which furthers the art of radio communication'

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TC2M Antenna